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We get inspired by the stories shared by our Customer Experience Advocates. One of our CEAs from India shared his delightful experience with GetMyPeon.



Owlet Cake


My Story:

“Cake Delivery in 90 minutes…

It’s was my girlfriend’s birthday, and I’d forgotten to make arrangements for the cake. I remembered at 5 pm, and my car was supposed to leave the city in the next 90 minutes. Had to get a really good cake in that time, delivered where my car was. I called GetMyPeon, informed them the deadline, the urgency, the locations and asked them to suggest a good cake shop.

I got an amazing, exquisite cake from IcingOnTop in 90 minutes. They are one of the best in Mumbai and I’m already a big fan. And now a bigger fan of GetMyPeon.” Sushrut, India

Why am I a delighted customer?

A 1 kg freshly baked chocolate cake made at one end of the city, delivered at the other end, while coordinating with a moving car is not an easy task. And this was done in 90 minutes.

My requirements and the sensitive situation was perfectly understood by the team. They have their boys spread across the city and having something organized at this speed is truly an effort that requires them to go out of the way. Which they did.

The cake is not usually prepared at this short a notice. GetMyPeon pitched in with their good relations with IcingOnTop (them being equally sweet to go out of the way) and helped me out of a tight spot.
Delivery was no easy task since my car was on the move and the person delivering the cake was in a taxi. In a highly professional manner, the routes were discussed and the cake was received in time without me having to go out of the way. But they had to, and they did. Customer service wins.

It reminded me of a scene in The Hangover, where tuxedos were delivered on the road. This was close 🙂 I’m very happy thanks to GetMyPeon.

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