What Our CEAs Say About Us

“SatisFIND was the very first company who got me as a secret shopper. I’ve always wanted my opinions to be heard regarding good and bad customer service and overall performance of a business/ commercial establishment, thus mystery shopping visits assigned by SatisFIND gave me that wonderful opportunity. I would recommend SatisFIND to people who want to try mystery shopping because of the way they do business and how they treat their shoppers. They pay well and don’t make delays, plus they are detail and results-oriented as they are very organized in providing tasks and instructions. They also have clients who are the best in their line of business, which makes every mystery shopping experience more fun and exciting. In my years of being with SatisFIND, I already got free food and clothing as tokens for jobs well done.” – Trina, Philippines

“What I like about SatisFIND is that I get replies right away, the shops cover different kinds of items from gadgets to consumables like food including desserts, and it’s all very organized in the website. I like how we are given assignments through a website where you can log-in and update your progress there. It is also environment-friendly since it is all paperless. Secret shopping with SatisFIND is a really fun experience because you get credit for providing feedback on products and services. If not cash, then you get big discounts. I just wish they would give more projects during each month because I have a lot of free time and I only get assignments every other week or month. I would definitely recommend others to secret shop with SatisFIND. It is something everyone should try out because you can get more out of it. Not only will you be exercising your brain by memorizing a little, but you will also learn to be creative with your acting and taking down notes discreetly, so much like a spy.” – Ricky, Philippines

“I have been a CEA for SatisFIND for almost a year and have participated in several projects already. SatisFIND is very professional in doing their business.  They give clear instructions to me, complete with project brief, description and pictures.  It helps a lot that they have a website that I can refer to for guidelines on mystery shopping and the code of ethics.  I haven’t had a hard time doing their assignments and meeting their deadlines because they give the instructions and timeline well in advance.  Their online questionnaire helps me to submit my evaluation complete and on time since it displays a message if I missed anything.  Satisfind is also timely in processing my token fees.  I have never experienced any delay or discrepancy in my expected amount. Truly, SatisFIND is worth mystery shopping for!” – Andrea, Philippines

 “First of all, hearty congratulations on the 10 year milestone. May there be many more to come! Working with Kaiz Consult has been an absolute pleasure. I have completed restaurant shops without the tiniest bit of hassle. Despite such visits requiring a lot of attention to detail, I did not falter even once thanks to the clear questionnaires that always spelt out exactly what was required. I think the best thing about Kaiz Consult is the level of professionalism. I have never had to wait for a reply for more than an hour or two, in case of clarification or other queries. I always received my shop fees exactly when promised. It was smooth sailing and I am sure it will continue to be. Compared to other firms I have worked for, I find this professionalism to be the factor that differentiates Kaiz Consult from the rest. Also, the system of letting shoppers reserve slots makes it truly impartial when it comes to assigning shops – it is purely on a first come first serve basis. I would definitely recommend Kaiz Consult to others. The mystery shops on offer are interesting and for well-known clients, payment is prompt and the entire process is a pleasure from start to finish. I wish Kaiz Consult the very best in future and sincerely believe it will continue to remain one of the best mystery shopping firms I have worked with. If I had to do a mystery shop on Kaiz Consult as a mystery shopping firm, it would get 10/10 and an “excellent” rating!”– Anulipi, India

“I was a mystery shopper with Kaiz Consult for 3 years. I am still very impressed with their systems and procedures and the professional conduct of their staff. I was contacted in time with relevant assignment and was remunerated on time after submitting my report. They take a personal interest in all their shoppers. This was evident, when one day I had to cancel an assignment at the last minutes because of a health emergency and instead of being angry, Kaiz and his team actually called me a few times to confirm if I was getting better.  They are also very committed to their clients. Once I had a very bad experience and they arranged a meeting where I could tell them the whole incident and they took proper action. I wish them all the best in all their endeavours.” – Nazeen, Malaysia.

“I have been associated with Kaiz Consult for a couple of years now and I must say that it has been an enriching experience in every way. Kaiz Consult are an excellent company to be associated with do mystery shops for. I am always happy to take on assignments with Kaiz, because of their upfront approach and the helpful and understanding nature and attitude of all their staff. The mystery shops from Kaiz are always challenging, and it is very satisfying to see the difference that one’s effort has made when you visit a particular location again. I have always, and will in the future, recommend Kaiz to my circle of friends, provided they are serious mystery shoppers. Kudos to Kaiz and his team for being wonderful to all who deal with them.” Ranjana, India

“I was referred to SatisFIND in April of 2010.  Honestly, I knew very little about the details of the company at that time.  What piqued my curiosity, however, was its line of work.  I am, by nature, very meticulous about almost everything.  In my own little way, I saw this as an opportunity to provide inputs in improving customer service levels. Being associated with Satisfind has been a most pleasant experience.  I was able to sharpen my overall listening and observation skills.  Also, with the way its reports are to be answered in an objective manner, I know that I am contributing positively and constructively to the uplifting of the overall customer experience.  I am also very appreciative of the constant support that I receive from my Project Director, whether through updates or through clarifications.  I have never felt being left hanging at any time while performing my assigned tasks. I wholeheartedly recommend SatisFIND to anyone who is interested in an introduction into the world of mystery shopping.” – Jonathan, Philippines

“I have been associated with Kaiz consult since the last four years. My experience with this company has been exceptional as compared to other mystery shopping companies I have worked with. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The feedback form is also simple and straight forward. The payments are prompt and I have never had to follow up as compared to other companies.”Vandana, India

“SatisFIND have more upscale clients than the other mystery shopping companies. I really enjoy doing shop visits for you guys since you pay well and the questionnaires, while very long and thorough, really try to give your clients deeper insight on how a customer feels about his/her shopping experience. I’m proud to have done so much mystery shopping jobs for you. I’ll only recommend you to people who really care about putting in quality work.” – Lynnie, Philippines

 “Working with Kaiz Consult is worth the effort in terms of remuneration in kind. The tasks have a certain standard. Guidelines are clear. There are no delays in providing feedback. Payments are made on time. I am not associated with any other mystery shopping company now. However, I was associated with one earlier. The payment was too paltry and not worth the time and effort. There were some errors in payment too and I had to follow up frequently”. Taru – India

 “I have always wanted to be a mystery shopper because I love shopping. Also, I felt that it would be better to use my leisure time in a more productive way.  Hence, I applied as a Customer Experience Advocate in SatisFIND in March of 2010.  Fortunately, I was accepted and have been given various assignments since then. Being a teacher and a service-provider myself, I know the importance of rendering quality service.  As a customer, I love when I am given appropriate attention.  Sometimes, however, it cannot be avoided that I also get lousy service and I end up filing a series of complaint letters.  Now that I am a mystery shopper, I feel that I have a greater responsibility. Given the set of principles and guidelines that I have to follow with SatisFIND, I am compelled to evaluate in a more objective manner. Working with SatisFIND has always been smooth.  I get enough support from the Project Director, Ms. Genevieve Cura-Tiangco and I never had any problems coordinating with her whenever it is needed.  This kind of job has definitely made my shopping experience challenging but worthwhile – I earn while enjoy! More power to SatisFIND!” – Marichu, Philippines

“One of the unique thing which I like about the company is the straight-forward reporting system which is in place. The payments are often and always on time as the company mentions in the guidelines. I have done several shops for Kaiz Consult. I never had any issue with Kaiz Consult in capacity of a mystery shopper. In fact, Mr. Kaiz have always been helpful and prompt in answering any shop related queries which I have while doing any shop. Kaiz Consult is a professional and serious mystery shopping company. I would highly recommend Kaiz Consult to first time shoppers and equally to the seasoned mystery shoppers. The only thing I would advice shoppers is that they have to be serious and professional in doing audits because, Kaiz Consult expects only reports which are meaningful and valuable to their clients.” – Raju, India

“I have been a Secret Shopper of SatisFIND for a while now.  I may say, this is one of the best ways to earn extra income. Imagine yourself shopping and in return you get paid!! Wow, I couldn’t stress it more.  I have enjoyed every project that they have given me. The shops were always very interesting and the experiences were always new.  This is the reason why I learned so much while shopping! Now, whenever I am in a store, I appreciate the training that goes into the customer service because it really affects the overall customer experience.  I hope to be with you guys on the next projects to come!  Also, thank you to my project manager who was always there to help when I needed it!  I’m a satisfied secret shopper at SatisFIND” – Mark, Philippines

“I am very satisfied and delighted to be associated with Kaiz Consult for the past two years as a mystery shopper. Their website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and to view the invites. Kaiz Consult is quite unique from other mystery shopping companies, because you receive the confirmation of the shop to be performed immediately after you consent for the same. Their Questionnaire is very simple but at the same time captures all the details, required to evaluate the services. Wishing Kaiz consult more success and many other outlets be added to their portfolio” – Rakesh, India

 “I have been a mystery shopper since 2010 and so far I really love and enjoy my shopping experiences. This is my first time working as a mystery shopper but I can say that it is very rewarding. I believe that SatisFIND is a professional, ethical and hardworking company. My project coordinator is very accommodating with my questions or problems regarding my shops, I am well-informed and guided, and I have always been well-compensated. I am glad to be a mystery shopper knowing that my reports will be used to improve customer satisfaction in terms of service and quality. I highly recommend SatisFIND to those who would like to try being a mystery shopper because of their good standing. I am looking forward to more great assignments to come.” – Rosario, Philippines

“I have been a Mystery Shopper with Kaiz Consult for more than 4 years by now and completed several audits, out of which mostly were for Restaurants. This was my first role as a Mystery shopper and till this happened I was never aware that this too can be such an important task to perform. Kaiz is extremely thorough with his questionnaire and whenever by mistake I have ever looked any comment or question I was promptly reminded of the same and Kaiz has been always been flexible so that we can rectify the mistakes. It’s been a delightful experience to do the Audits on behalf of Kaiz Consult and though after enrolling I did one or two audits online for others but they are in no way a match of Kaiz Consult in terms of Professionalism. So if someone looking for an Mystery Audit experience I guess they should enroll with Kaiz for a fabulous experience while learning the details of this trade. I wish they grow bigger with time and allow us to remain a part of their success story!” – Debaroti, India

The Mystery Shopping services of Kaiz Consult India is now called SatisFIND. 

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