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Tuesday October 8, 2013 SatisFIND helps companies improve customer – service performance.

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Mindanao Times June 13, 2015  The Philippines’ Star Rating System for Accommodation Establishments

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Edge Davao Nov8-9,2013 Improving customer experience for business success.

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Sunstar Cebu Sept28,2013 Group makes it their business to study customer experiences.

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Edge Davao Nov21,2013 Empowering theCustomer.

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The Freeman Monday September 30, 2013 Customer Experience Crucial in keeping brand

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Sun Star Cebu October 11, 2013 SatisFIND empowers the customer


Metro Cebu News October 7, 2013 Customer Service Improvement System Now Available to Companies


Consumer Mom Talks March 11, 2014 Empowering the Customer


blog post on by Carlo Villarica Apr 14, 2014

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Be SatisFIND May 5, 2014 by Carlaey