30 Inspiring Customer Service Quotes

I would like to share some inspiring words related to customer service. Do check out these 30 Inspiring Customer Service Quotes and 4 Key Tenets to Live By, shared by Salesforce Canada.

It is hard to choose which one is the most inspirational, but this particular quote from Sir Richard Branson is something I live by, “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.”  Do let me know which of these quotes calls out to you!

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Kaizad Patel interviewed by therodinhoods.com



Kaizad Patel’s interview was featured on The Rodinhoods blog today.

Customer service is something that drives me in my company, and interviewing Kaizad Patel was thus an honor. He runs SatisFIND, which uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how your customer experiences your brand and its offering. Kaizad was one of the first to venture into Mystery Shopping in India, back in 2001.

Do tell us about your school & college years, and key lessons learnt. 

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Thank you to Sushrut Munje & The Rodinhoods for featuring Kaizad Patel and SatisFIND



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Service Star: Singapore Airlines

We planned to celebrate the holidays with our family in India last December and we nearly missed our flight.

We booked our Manila-Mumbai flight via Singapore with Singapore Airlines for December 20th. We chose the 7:00pm flight, as we still had to work earlier that day.

I’ve always thought of myself as a smart traveller, and my husband, Kaiz, an even smarter one. After doing a final check on our baggage weight, we left our home at 4:00PM to go to Terminal 3 which is 15 kilometers away. With the usual traffic, it would take about an hour to reach the airport. We had already checked-in online the day before, so we knew that there was enough time to reach the airport and relax before the flight.

What we did not anticipate was the terrible traffic that evening brought by vehicles rushing to fetch passengers from the Arrival terminal (we were not so smart after all!). They clogged the road intended for the Departure Terminal at the airport.

Our car was stuck at the Villamor Airbase area for more than one hour. We were already in a panic and called the Singapore Airlines office stationed at the airport at 5:50pm. We explained our unfortunate situation and asked if they could possibly wait for us to check-in. The kind staff gave us until 6:20pm to check-in. By 6:20pm, we were still at the Resorts World area, it’s opposite the airport but we still need to reach the roundabout and make a turn. We, again, called Singapore Airlines to ask what our options are. The next flight would be the following morning and we will surely miss our connecting flight to Mumbai. Kaiz asked the staff if it would still be possible for the check-in counter to wait for us. The friendly Singapore Airlines staff said that she advised the check-in counter to wait for us and to just reach the airport as soon as we can.

We finally reached the airport at 6:40PM, I left Kaiz at the X-ray machine to run to the check-in counter. I then saw him running with 2 airport staff helping him with our baggage! We were finally at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter by 6:45pm – just 15 minutes before our supposed flight departure!

They did keep the counter open just for us. The kind Singapore Airlines security staff even requested the Travel Tax counter officer to accommodate us (the lines there were very long).

Even as we lined up at the Immigration counters, we were assisted by Singapore Airlines ground staff, so that we could reach our gate immediately.

By the time we reached the gate, the security officer stationed there reassured us that we can now relax, BREATHE, as we did not miss our flight. The flight was delayed by 15 minutes!

I’am familiar with airline policies about check-in times, especially if you have baggage to check-in (we had 4 baggage for check-in!). We believe that our experience with Singapore Airlines that evening was truly a Christmas (Customer Service) Miracle! We flew Economy class and were not at all expecting any special treatment, yet the airline staff we spoke to and met that evening had shown us kindness and care.



I’ve always admired Singapore Airlines for its customer service because they have a system that “just works!”. Prior to this experience, I never had anything extraordinary to say because all my flights with them have been smooth and problem-free. In customer service, it’s all about consistency, and this is one company that delivers consistent customer service.

Now, I have my own little story to share why Singapore Airlines is indeed, a Great Way to Fly!

Thank you, Singapore Airlines! I will never forget the extraordinary accommodation you have given us.


The Juantrepreneurs & Customer Service

I recently attended the Kiddopreneur event at the Glorietta Mall.  This is an event where kids can be entrepreneurs!  It is a  venue where children are exposed to the nuances of business and entrepreneurship first hand.


I thought it might be the regular school exhibition type of products on sale but I was so blown away by the kiddopreneurs who had booths with some very innovate products for sale. The items ranged from caterpillars in glass bottles, wallets made from duct tape to food stuff.


A booth which caught my attention was The Juantrepreneurs (their surname is “Juan”) which sold the Kiddie Entrep Bank. It’s a savings bank  which was available in the shape of a piggy, a London double decker bus and the Jeepney. The Kiddie Entrep Bank has four slots to save money, which are labeled EARN, SAVE, INVEST and DONATE.


The Juantrepreneurs were just awesome with their customer service and salesmanship! I was really struck by Little Mr. Max Juan. He spoke with confidence, had detailed product knowledge. He handed me his calling card and later gave one to my wife, Michelle who told him we have one. He said take this one just in case you lose it! His older brother dressed up in a matching waist coat as Max with their brand logo, was able to explain to me how the savings bank worked.  Their cousins (sisters) make up the team at The Juantrepreneurs and they explained to me the other products on offer. I was so impressed by their skill and style. Later on, I found out they won the best customer service and best concept at the end of the day-long event and even in the past years, they have been consistently winning the best customer service award.

I am happy to see the enterprising zeal displayed by all the kids. But most importantly, it’s the support of their parents and older siblings for their creative ideas that encouraged these kids to think like entrepreneurs and understand the importance of being focused on customer service.


Service Star: GetMyPeon – Cake Delivery in 90 minutes

We get inspired by the stories shared by our Customer Experience Advocates. One of our CEAs from India shared his delightful experience with GetMyPeon.



Owlet Cake


My Story:

“Cake Delivery in 90 minutes…

It’s was my girlfriend’s birthday, and I’d forgotten to make arrangements for the cake. I remembered at 5 pm, and my car was supposed to leave the city in the next 90 minutes. Had to get a really good cake in that time, delivered where my car was. I called GetMyPeon, informed them the deadline, the urgency, the locations and asked them to suggest a good cake shop.

I got an amazing, exquisite cake from IcingOnTop in 90 minutes. They are one of the best in Mumbai and I’m already a big fan. And now a bigger fan of GetMyPeon.” Sushrut, India

Why am I a delighted customer?

A 1 kg freshly baked chocolate cake made at one end of the city, delivered at the other end, while coordinating with a moving car is not an easy task. And this was done in 90 minutes.

My requirements and the sensitive situation was perfectly understood by the team. They have their boys spread across the city and having something organized at this speed is truly an effort that requires them to go out of the way. Which they did.

The cake is not usually prepared at this short a notice. GetMyPeon pitched in with their good relations with IcingOnTop (them being equally sweet to go out of the way) and helped me out of a tight spot.
Delivery was no easy task since my car was on the move and the person delivering the cake was in a taxi. In a highly professional manner, the routes were discussed and the cake was received in time without me having to go out of the way. But they had to, and they did. Customer service wins.

It reminded me of a scene in The Hangover, where tuxedos were delivered on the road. This was close 🙂 I’m very happy thanks to GetMyPeon.

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What’s your Story?

We would love to hear about your customer experiences. If you have great (and not so great!) stories you would like to share with SatisFIND, you may email them at mystory@old.satisfind.com


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