Empowering customers through Mystery Shopping

For more than a decade, SatisFIND has been home to a community of customers who believe in changing the way businesses look at customer service through the feedback we share as mystery shoppers. For those who are interested  to be a SatisFIND mystery shopper click http://old.satisfind.com/be-an-advocate

Understanding what mystery shopping is:

Mystery Shoppers are real customers who visit establishments they would anyway go to based on their usual lifestyle. The only difference between a regular customer visit and a mystery shopping visit is that the mystery shopper evaluates the experience while he or she is there based on guidelines provided prior to the visit. As a mystery shopper, your role is to provide feedback on what you experienced.

Mystery Shopping has been around since the 1940s and has been an effective method to provide truthful and detailed feedback to business owners and management teams about their own service delivery. Over the decades, mystery shopping has evolved and is used to evaluate opportunities to improve customer service, understand training needs of the service frontliners and recognize the strengths the employees have.

What mystery shopping is not:

While some may think of mystery shopping as an audit or policing employees, the truth is, it is not meant to find fault in people. Though service and experience gaps will be exposed, it is for the organization to recognize opportunities to support its people. SatisFIND believes that if businesses will take care of its employees, they will in turn take care of their customers. Everyone wins in the end!

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Qualities of a SatisFIND mystery shopper:

We don’t ask our mystery shoppers to do something out of the ordinary and beyond what a customer would normally do. Anyone wanting to help improve customer service, can observe well, have an eye for detail, remember things well, reliable, fair and can express observations well in writing, would make a great SatisFIND mystery shopper.

But what really matters at SatisFIND is the attitude of our mystery shoppers. Mutual respect and trust are values we have always believed in when working with our mystery shoppers. We appreciate mystery shoppers who thoroughly read and follow instructions well, as all information needed by the mystery shopper is provided in the project brief we provide. A complete understanding of the project brief and a review of the questionnaire before conducting the assignment will prevent you from missing out on an important item during your evaluation.

A SatisFIND Mystery Shopper’s responsibility:

While mystery shopping is fun and seen as a unique way of providing feedback to people who can make differences in an organization for the better, we take your mystery shopping reports very seriously. Real businesses and real people’s lives are affected with every report submitted by our mystery shoppers. The only thing we ask from our mystery shoppers who accept an assignment with us is to follow the instructions and timeline with a sense of commitment and responsibility. There will be many opportunities to work with SatisFIND, if you are not yet sure of your schedule, please do not block off a slot and reserve an assignment you cannot commit to conducting yet. We would like to give all our shoppers the opportunity to experience mystery shopping. We believe in the power of effective feedback.

What to expect from SatisFIND:

SatisFIND matches on-going projects with the customer profile of our shoppers. When you are matched with a project, you will receive an email inviting you to participate. Information about the project will be provided, such as guidelines, timeline, compensation and access to the questionnaire to be submitted after your mystery shopping visit. Compensation varies per project. Some projects provide a flat token fee, some provide a reimbursable purchase allowance for products bought or food consumed.

Accepting a mystery shopping assignment with SatisFIND will always be your choice and decision to make. Should you find the project interesting and worth your time and effort, you may respond by reserving for a slot for a branch near you. You will have to commit to a date and time you can conduct the assignment within the period provided for a particular project. The report must be submitted within 24 hours from the time you completed the assignment. It is most effective when we submit the feedback as soon as we can so it is fresh from our memory.

About SatisFIND:

Founded by Michelle Perez Patel in 2005 in the Philippines, SatisFIND provides in-depth mystery shopping and customer experience solutions to various organizations. SatisFIND currently has offices in the Philippines, Singapore and India.


Customer 007: Entrepreneur Magazine Interviews Michelle Patel


Michelle Patel was interviewed for the December 2015 – January 2016  issue of Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines. Learn how to improve your customer service by employing mystery shoppers!


Get a copy from your local bookstore in the Philippines or subscribe to the digital version.


ANC Market Edge interviews Michelle Patel

Founder of SatisFIND, Michelle Patel, was interviewed by Ms. Cathy Yang of ANC Market Edge on November 5, 2015.

For those who did not get to catch it, check it out below.

Michelle Patel ANC Market Edge




Kaizad Patel interviewed by therodinhoods.com



Kaizad Patel’s interview was featured on The Rodinhoods blog today.

Customer service is something that drives me in my company, and interviewing Kaizad Patel was thus an honor. He runs SatisFIND, which uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how your customer experiences your brand and its offering. Kaizad was one of the first to venture into Mystery Shopping in India, back in 2001.

Do tell us about your school & college years, and key lessons learnt. 

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Thank you to Sushrut Munje & The Rodinhoods for featuring Kaizad Patel and SatisFIND



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Service Star: Yabu – House of Katsu, SM Megamall

We are quite inspired with the stories shared by our Customer Experience Advocates. One of our CEAs from the Philippines shared her happy experience with Yabu at SM Megamall in Manila:


My Story:

My sister and I tried Yabu restaurant at SM Megamall. The restaurant was earning rave reviews for quite sometime now because of their Katsu dishes so we decided to try it and we were more than happy we did. More than the food, their customer service was really exceptional. From the table reservation, taking of orders and serving our food, we were really well attended to by the staff. The waiter was very knowledgeable of the menu and their specialties. He even gladly assisted us on how to properly mix the sauces ready on the table. While enjoying our meal, the restaurant manager even approached us and asked if we needed anything. Given that the restaurant was so full at that time, we were satisfied the staff were very attentive to the needs of their customers.” – Gladys, Philippines

We have to agree with Gladys, customer service at Yabu SM Megamall is outstanding! There aren’t many places around town which offer the total experience, Great Service + Quality Products + Value for money = A Very Happy Customer

We just love the restaurant manager at this branch. He’s the very friendly and attentive gentleman shown in the photo above (beige shirt with tie). His presence could really be felt when he’s at the dining area interacting with customers. 5-stars for his service attitude!

Yabu has grown to several branches now, which didn’t surprise us given that they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to making customers happy. Although we miss seeing Mr. Friendly Restaurant Manager at Yabu SM Megamall lately, we hope he’s supervising the newer Yabu branches so the level of quality, which made their first branch a big success would be consistent with all the other branches they eventually opened.

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What’s your Story?

We would love to hear about your customer experiences. If you have great (and not so great!) stories you would like to share with SatisFIND, you may email them at mystory@old.satisfind.com

P.S. If anyone could please identify and send us the name of Yabu’s Service Star Restaurant Manager, we would really appreciate it 🙂