Happy New Year -2015

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!



We thank all our Customer Experience Advocates, Clients and Partners for a great year. 

Looking forward to an even better 2015!


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The Juantrepreneurs & Customer Service

I recently attended the Kiddopreneur event at the Glorietta Mall.  This is an event where kids can be entrepreneurs!  It is a  venue where children are exposed to the nuances of business and entrepreneurship first hand.


I thought it might be the regular school exhibition type of products on sale but I was so blown away by the kiddopreneurs who had booths with some very innovate products for sale. The items ranged from caterpillars in glass bottles, wallets made from duct tape to food stuff.


A booth which caught my attention was The Juantrepreneurs (their surname is “Juan”) which sold the Kiddie Entrep Bank. It’s a savings bank  which was available in the shape of a piggy, a London double decker bus and the Jeepney. The Kiddie Entrep Bank has four slots to save money, which are labeled EARN, SAVE, INVEST and DONATE.


The Juantrepreneurs were just awesome with their customer service and salesmanship! I was really struck by Little Mr. Max Juan. He spoke with confidence, had detailed product knowledge. He handed me his calling card and later gave one to my wife, Michelle who told him we have one. He said take this one just in case you lose it! His older brother dressed up in a matching waist coat as Max with their brand logo, was able to explain to me how the savings bank worked.  Their cousins (sisters) make up the team at The Juantrepreneurs and they explained to me the other products on offer. I was so impressed by their skill and style. Later on, I found out they won the best customer service and best concept at the end of the day-long event and even in the past years, they have been consistently winning the best customer service award.

I am happy to see the enterprising zeal displayed by all the kids. But most importantly, it’s the support of their parents and older siblings for their creative ideas that encouraged these kids to think like entrepreneurs and understand the importance of being focused on customer service.