Happy Chinese New Year!

May the Year of the Horse be prosperous for all! To our Filipino-Chinese Customer Experience Advocates and Clients we greet you “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!” and “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” to our Singaporean Customer Experience Advocates!


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My Story

“My Story” is about recognizing delightful customer service our Customer Experience Advocates (secret shoppers) have shared with us.

“At Dairy Queen (Foodcourt, Trinoma): It took us more than the normal time to order for ice cream.  The cashier did not show any signs of annoyance, impatience or rudeness.  She smiled while waiting for us to make up our minds and when we did, she swiftly proceeded to making our orders.  She got all our orders right and we were satisfied with her and the blizzard obviously”– Charise

“A taxi driver greeted me sincerely then asked where i wanted to go. He also said his thanks as i was about to embark from the taxi”- Mae

“When I went to phone store to apply for a postpaid plan, the employee was friendly, asked me if she could help, knew what was in stock, suggested items that would go well with my purchase, made change quickly and honestly and seemed to appreciate my buying at their store”  – Sheila

“It was at Mercury Drug Fairview Dahlia branch that I had my recent good customer service experience. I was buying the prescribed medications for my mother at that time when suddenly I had a question that popped up in my mind on what was presently the best multivitamin in the market. Eventually, I asked for the pharmacist on duty and he delightfully greeted me and welcomed my query. I cannot even forget his name for his service was really remarkable. He told me that it was Centrum and he continued by presenting me with variety of multivitamin brands with its pros and cons. He also asked me to leave my contact numbers so he can update me whenever there will be a better multivitamin than Centrum” – Denise

“When the teller allows me to cut the line because he knows that I had used the wrong machine to get my queue number, he helped me out since I only have one transaction in their bank. Sometimes, making the customers feel like you’re hearing them out makes them more satisfied with the business” – Jaja

“I had to send money to my cousin and I used Western Union. I picked to USSC kioskk near our place. The fee was minimal and the transaction was quick. I also learned that I can buy cellphone load from them and pay my social security contributions through them” – Kat

“There was this one time that we had a Brownbag meeting and my Japanese boss forgot to order food for 15 persons for the meeting and I had 30 minutes to order before the meeting. So I ran to the nearest food chain from our office, which was Kenny Rogers. Upon ordering, I advised the crew if they could prepare everything in 15 minutes as I should be in the office 10 minutes before the meeting and they said they’ll try. What I’m very impressed and amused about the scenario was that even the manager was also helping to prepare the food just to finish it on time. Thanks to the crew of Kenny Rogers for the effort and giving importance to my request.” –  Dina S. 

“I was looking for my mini-laptop/notebook as a gift to myself.  I was at Cyberzone and I entered all the stores and asked for the available models and colors and of course their prices.  All were just the same in terms of price and the way they accommodated me. But there is this one store where I was just looking at the glass window display when one of the staff hurriedly approached me and asked me what I was looking for. He even compared all the specs and prices of the notebooks. When I finally decided on what to buy, I asked for a discount because I will be paying in cash. Luckily, they gave me a P1000 discount. When I got home, I called them for product assistance, and they helped me immediately, and even remembered my name.” – Vanessa R.


“Gumbo has never failed me as far as service is concerned. My family and I usually go to their SM North – the Block branch and had at one time of another tried their MOA branch just to see if they are consistent, and much to our delight, they are!” – Jennifer M.


What’s your Story?

We would love to hear about your customer experiences. If you have great (and not so great!) stories you would like to share with SatisFIND, you may email them at mystory@old.satisfind.com or add your comments below.


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