Happy Diwali 2013

Wishing everyone all the very best for the festival of lights.

Happy Diwali!

happy diwali

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Hotel Service Tips: 5 Basics Easily Forgotten

Four times out of five, nobody notices little things like a cobweb in a corner, or the dust under the phone, but if you believe that no one will notice, that you’re far away from being the hotel from hell, just reread the title of this blog post.

When basics are missed or forgotten, they have a tendency of getting missed again and again. And when that happens, attitudes change, and everyone may need a stringent refresher.

So before an honest mistake becomes a hotel nightmare, check out this short but essential list of things that, when taken to heart, will lead to better hotel service.

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1.  You are a clean hotel. There can’t be any doubt about it, or else you’re in the wrong business. Give your customer the ‘like new‘ experience. They are staying at your hotel to have a home away from home. Don’t give them even the hint of a previous guest. Nothing is more unattractive or repulsive.

2.  You are a familiar hotel. Courtesy is expected of any service and retail business. But you’re more than that. You are a hotel. Guests should look forward to coming home to you. Keep professional, have discretion, and maintain personal boundaries, but show guests the warmth of familiarity. 

3.     Halfway goes a long way. Stepping away from the desk or the door may not be possible at all times during work in your hotel, but your body language should always be extended towards the guest. It’s a subconscious ‘Welcome!’ that speaks louder than words.

4.     Have a local’s attitude. Even though you or your staff may not be from the area, your hotel is now your territory. Knowing little secret spots, and tips for the guest will set you apart from the competition, and make you a strong partner in the community for your referrals. 

5.     Everybody is in sales. No matter what their job or designation is, all hotel employees and staff represent and sell your hotel experience, and the values for which it stands. Treat everyone with the same level of professionalism that you expect them to have with guests.

These are just the basics of hotel service, but keeping these in mind is the reason you’re in the business in the first place, and it leads to a great guest experience.

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