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Congratulations to  Genevieve J. for winning our raffle. A copy of Kate Harrison’s book, The Secret Shopper Affair, has been sent to you. Thank you again to everyone who joined. We’ll have more contests in the future. In the meantime, do check your CEA accounts regularly for more announcements.



Book Review: The Secret Shopper Affair by Kate Harrison

A few months ago (last year? hehe), Michelle gave me a book to read.


Not being a fan of chick-lit, I hemmed and hawed before finally picking up the book last month to finish it. (In my defense, I did start it all those months ago!) Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying it.

The Secret Shopper Affair revolves around 3 friends, Sandie, Emily, and Grazia, who found each other through their secret shopping activities. The book gives us a glimpse of how they deal with life beyond their love for retail: for Sandie, it’s juggling pregnancy and the herculean task of resuscitating a dying department store, while engaged in a battle of wits with her partner’s mother. For Emily, it’s the internal conflict of swallowing the bitter pill over Sandie’s (and everyone else’s, for that matter) successes. And it doesn’t help that her Will is adamant about not having another baby, something she feels she is ready for. Finally, for Grazia, it’s the proverbial question of man or career: new love or budding talent?

Seems intense? Don’t be intimidated.  Despite a few heartfails, humor is never wanting. The characters are also very relatable (yes, even glamorous Grazia seems very down to earth). Furthermore, I found it so witty how once in a while they “revert to secret shopper mode,” observing and assessing real life with the eyes of a mystery shopper.

Overall, it’s a fun and light read, a heartwarming story that celebrates friendship… and secret shopping 🙂

PS: I only just discovered that the book is actually a sequel. Although there are times when the characters refer to past events, I didn’t feel lost. However, I’m sure it would be fun to read the other books in the series.


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