Happy Republic Day!

Wishing all our Indian shoppers / CEAs a Happy 63rd Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day!


Happy Chinese New Year – 2012

May the Year of the Dragon be prosperous for all! To our Filipino-Chinese Customer Experience Advocates, we greet you “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!” and “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” to our Singaporean Customer Experience Advocates!


Service Star: Quirks Marketing Philippines

I’m a big sucker for sales: end of season, warehouse, outlets… You name it, and if I can, I’m there. Imagine my delight when I found out through a blog that DwellStudio would be included in Quirks Marketing Philippines’ warehouse sale. I just knew I had to go. (I’m in love with DwellStudio’s prints! I vow that my next child will have a DwellStudio nursery LOL! For the short term, I was lemming for a Madison diaper bag. I’ve wanted it ever since. But I digress…)

So one nice morning in November last year, I dragged hubby and baby to Greenhills for the warehouse sale. I remember being attended to by a very friendly and helpful Oliver (He wanted to open the crib sets, even when I said I wasn’t buying, just because I wanted to see the full design). All the other staff were equally warm. For some reason, however, I held off on the Madison bag. I ended up with a few puzzle and stamp sets as kiddie gifts for Christmas.

Since that day, I would pass by the Dwell area whenever we were in Rustan’s, contemplating whether I should finally get the bag (at regular price, grrrr). And then a few weeks later, I got a notification that Dwell would be on sale again, this time on an online shopping site! It’s destiny!

Still, I didn’t jump right in (was making sure I wasn’t just impulse buying LOL). On December 16, at 9:30 pm, I finally decided to make the bag mine (Isn’t my purchase thought process exhausting?). Lo and behold, when I clicked on the design I wanted, it was out of stock! I started clicking on the other designs, figuring I would make do with whatever was available. No such luck, it wasn’t destiny after all. And then I thought, this wasn’t right, there wasn’t even 1 left, in any design, for me?? LOL.

I decided to send Quirks Marketing an email, inquiring if the bags were indeed out of stock. Here’s their reply, mere minutes later

Super fast! And it was almost 10PM on a Friday night!

We exchanged a couple more emails after this, and it ended when they said that they would get back to me on Monday.

I woke up the next day with a surprise text from Quirks

8:02 in the morning, on a Saturday! Really, really appreciated the effort. We texted some more

So 12 hours and a few texts after I made my inquiry, I was finally able to order. Got my stuff 3 working days later 🙂

Thank you to the Quirks team for the speedy and efficient service! You definitely made my simple transaction a very memorable one 🙂

Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are not in any way connected with Quirks Marketing Philippines. Quirks Marketing Philippines is the exclusive distributor of DwellStudio in the Philippines.






Service Star: Ashok of Oh! Calcutta Tardeo, Mumbai

Very few dining experiences have really impressed me when it comes to service. Although food and ambience are the other two factors that make up the customer experience, it is amazing customer service that leaves a lasting impression.

When I first visited India in 2006, Oh! Calcutta in Tardeo, Mumbai was the restaurant where I had my first real Indian meal. The food was really good, they specialize in Bengali cuisine. I remember having a chicken dish called the Dakbunglow and some roti, the light Indian bread. But more than the good food, I noticed the attention they put in service, it has a certain elegance I couldn’t explain.  I later realized, that this is quite common in many dining establishments across India.

Coming from the Philippines, I was used to a more casual, relaxed style. Food is almost always served family-style. So it was truly an experience to have the service staff in India show you the bottled water and check if it’s chilled enough (that is if you want it chilled — they ask for the customer’s preference first) before opening it and pouring water in all the glasses. And because Indian food is mostly shared, the service staff also serves it on each plate. And the moment your plate is nearly empty, he’s back to give you more until you say stop or motion it with your hand (add a slight head wobble too for effect!). He will also clear any dish that’s empty. The really good service staff does everything without the customer feeling he’s even there. The service is formal and alert but not interfering.

I went back to this same restaurant just 2 weeks ago, the Dakbunglow was no longer on the menu, but they still prepared it for us 🙂 Ashok was our server that night and gave us a really memorable service experience! He was pleasant, friendly, and yet maintained his professionalism. He asked us what ‘spice’ level would we prefer, to which I answered ‘very very mild’. And when he saw me taking my camera out to take photos of the food as it was being served, and he patiently waited for me to take the perfect shot. What he didn’t know was I was taking a photo of him, not just the food 😉  Ashok even explained that the lime they served together with the dish were actually brought from Calcutta fresh daily (same with the fish they serve). These little things do matter when it comes to service. It is what the usual line, ‘going the extra mile’ is when put into practice.

Ashok serving puri, puffed Indian bread

service with a smile!


While waiting for our change, and the glassware already cleared, I noticed that their coasters had illustrations of famous Calcutta landmarks. I haven’t been to Calcutta so I was interested to see what these were about. Ashok noticed it and was scouting around the empty tables to get a sample of the different designs. He showed me these three and even explained what each landmark was all about! Wow 🙂

love the details, Calcutta landmarks on the coasters


The best part was that Ashok was not trying too hard. The service he offered simply came from his heart. He is a true gem.

And even if they were playing “Footloose” and some Bon Jovi songs in the background (i loved the music but it was not appropriate to the restaurant’s authentic Bengali experience it wanted its diners to have), in the end, my family and I left the restaurant with that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Ashok is a true Service Star!





New Year, New Site

Although a week delayed, let me still greet all of you a very Happy New Year!

For most people, the start of the year signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, a change. We’re no different. In case you haven’t noticed, we have a brand spanking new site! Welcome, welcome! As Michelle mentioned, it is still a work in progress, but do take a moment to browse around and familiarize yourself with the site. And please keep checking back because we will be updating regularly.

Setting aside change, I’m personally thankful for one constant, and that’s you, our CEAs. It is truly a privilege working with you, special mention to those I’ve known way back in 2006! Thank you so much for your loyalty and your support.

Again, welcome to our new site! These are exciting times, and we’re glad to have you with us. Cheers to 2012!