Mystery Shopping/Customer Experience Measurement in General

What is CEM?

CEM is Customer Experience Measurement. SatisFIND does not only conduct mystery shopping audits but conducts Customer Experience Measurement studies for its clients. CEM is a more effective method as it gives clients (business owners, top management, operations, marketing, HR and training) a detailed account of what goes on between their front-liners and their customers.  The results are actionable and insightful.

What is a CEA?

CEA means Customer Experience Advocate, this is what SatisFIND calls its secret shoppers. Aside from getting paid to shop and enjoying other perks that come with the assignment, SatisFIND’s CEAs conduct secret shopping visits because they understand the important role they play in giving truthful customer experience feedback to the management of the establishment they evaluated. Certain perks come with being a CEA but most importantly CEAs believe that there is more to secret shopping than free stuff— that is, quality customer service for all.

Customer Experience Advocate

What are the requirements on becoming a Customer Experience Advocate?

You have to be at least 18 years old to qualify, male or female. You may be employed, self-employed, unemployed, a student, retired or a full-time homemaker, as long as you are a customer passionate about service, you can be a CEA. We do not require any degree or any special training or experience. We will provide you all the information you will need to prepare you for an assignment. Since our reporting is done online, you need to have access to the internet, either in your home or in a nearby internet shop. All reports are sent via the internet through your personal account with SatisFIND.

How do I apply?

Simply register as a Customer Experience Advocate (CEA) at www.old.satisfind.com. Complete your profile, upload your photo and submit your mock assignment report to complete the registration process.

Why do I have to complete my profile?

Completing your profile during the application process gives us a clearer idea of your shopping and customer lifestyle habits. We are able to match projects to your preferences better.

Code of Ethics

Reviewing the Code of Ethics before you agree to become a CEA of SatisFIND is an important step in the registration process. We value and uphold the Code of Ethics, and we expect the same from our CEAs. We take legal action against serious violators.

Getting Assignments

How do I reserve assignments?

Available assignments are sent via email or announced in the system, which is visible to CEAs when they are logged-in to their accounts. Please check your email regularly. Once you receive an invitation, log on to www.old.satisfind.com to check the available slots. Please note that assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Choose and reserve your assignment, but make sure you can commit to the location and the schedule given. Also read instructions before reserving an assignment.

What do I need to know before conducting my assignment?

Detailed instructions are given per project. These may either be posted online in your account page or emailed as a Project Brief.

The questionnaire automatically gets uploaded to your account when you accept an assignment. Make sure to study this carefully before your visit so that you are aware of things that need to be observed/evaluated.

I have already completed my visit, when do I need to submit my report?

You are required to submit your report 24 hours after your committed visit schedule. Please inform your Project Director immediately if you will not be able to do so. If we do not receive your report within 24 hours and no notification is given to us, your visit will be considered invalid, and no token fee / reimbursement will be credited to you.

Something came up and I can no longer do my assignment on my committed date and time, what do I do?

Inform your Project Director immediately, before your due date. This will give us a chance to re-assign your visit to another CEA. Depending on the project, you can also ask your Project Director about re-scheduling the assignment to a later date or time.

I have just submitted my report, what do I do next?

Make sure you have uploaded the images and receipts (if applicable), failure to upload these will make your assignment invalid. Your Project Director may contact you through SMS or email if there are any clarifications in your report. Please respond immediately. If you do not hear from us, that means there are no more follow up questions or clarifications on your report.

When do I receive my token fee?

Schedule of release of the token fee and/or reimbursements is indicated in the project brief, which is available online in your CEA account. For projects with a separate brief emailed to the CEA, the schedule is also indicated there. Your payment page will be updated within a week after the token is credited to your bank account.

Am I going to receive a transportation allowance?

We do not provide a transportation allowance on most of our assignments, that is why it is important to choose assignments and areas that you frequent and are easily accessible to you.  If transportation allowance will be provided, it will be indicated in the project details and CEAs are made aware of this before accepting the assignment.

How many assignments can I have at one time?

This depends on the project’s requirements and complexity. We limit the number of assignments a CEA can accept as we do not want our CEAs to experience ‘shopper fatigue’. We want the assignments to be FUN for our CEAs.  For projects that allow multiple visits, we usually limit around 2-3 assignments per CEA. We need detailed information per shop and we do not want you to be overwhelmed and overloaded. Furthermore, we also want other CEAs to be given the chance to accept assignments.

I forgot to note some information needed for my shop report, what do i do?

This is why we require CEAs to read the project brief and the questionnaire carefully  before undertaking the assignment. Little details like staff name, accessories worn, spiel said and others play a significant part in the improvement of the company’s service standards. If a CEA failed to follow specific instructions given, his/ her report shall be considered invalid.

Quality of Reports

How can I make a good report?

Firstly, make sure that you followed all the instructions related to your visit, and you have observed everything needed to make a complete report.

When writing your report, please observe the following:

i.      Observe proper grammar, spelling, and write in complete sentences.

ii.     Do not use text speak and do not use ALL CAPS.

iii.    Make sure your comments match your ratings and the question being asked.

iv.    Be factual, truthful and fair.

Why do I have to fill up the comments fields in the questionnaire? Why can’t I just leave them blank?

We need you to be as detailed and accurate as possible, to give us a clear picture of your visit. The reader of your report has to feel as if he/she was there with you during your shop. Each report you submit is a customer experience story which will help the establishment improve their service to its customers. This is after all, the whole point of what we do!


SatisFIND Leadership

Michelle Perez Patel, Managing Director

Michelle is the first Customer Experience Advocate and founder of SatisFIND. She was a marketing professional with notable accomplishments in brand management before starting her own company at the age of 27. Her passion for market research and customer service, mixed with her entrepreneurial spirit made SatisFIND the company it is today with its thousands of Customer Experience Advocates.  Michelle earned a degree in B.S. Economics from the University of the Philippines, Diliman,  and received the Gawad Chancellor’s Award for Most Outstanding Student Leader in 1999. Since her college days, she has been a true advocate of leadership and service excellence. A self-confessed workaholic and a frustrated artist, Michelle’s other ‘loves’ are food, travel and anything French.  Follow her on twitter.

Genevieve Cura-Tiangco, Director for Projects

Genevieve is every Customer Experience Advocate’s big sister and help line. A graduate of B.A. in Humanities specializing in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific, Genevieve’s work experience started as an Investment Analyst before she went into marketing, successfully heading the marketing communications initiatives of an HMO company for 3 years. She finally joined  SatisFIND in 2006. She’s now a hands-on mom to her two-year old girl and a real domestic goddess according to friends.  Aside from being an avid reader and a music lover (from The Smiths to Cold Play to Katy Perry), Genevieve has a knack for finding the best shopping deals.  She’s the best shopping partner in town! Follow her on twitter

Kaiz Patel, Director for International Operations

Kaiz oversees SatisFIND’s expanding operations in other markets. With over 18 years of work experience, Kaiz has lived and worked in Europe, Middle East, and the Philippines, giving him exposure to various cultures and processes in a very diverse spectrum of operations.  He is a graduate in Hotel Management from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Bluche, Switzerland. Kaiz’ extensive experience in hospitality provides clients with an insight into the working of service-based environments, as well as, the importance of maintaining a customer-centric strategy. In 2001, he was among the first to venture into Mystery Shopping in India. When he is not busy with work, he conducts mixology classes for cocktail-enthusiasts in Manila.  Follow him on twitter